Elder Law and Estate Planning

Elder Law

Elder Law has become increasingly important to our aging population on Long Island. It addresses the concerns of the elderly, their family members and life partners should a person become disabled or face catastrophic medical expenses. It includes planning and making applications for Medicaid benefits to cover the cost of long-term medical care. It also includes guardianships for those persons no longer able to make their own personal needs or property management decisions. An elder law attorney helps elderly clients and their families deal with the legal issues involved in growing older.

The lawyers at Haley Weinblatt & Calcagni, LLP can develop a comprehensive plan to protect your rights and assets, represent you in applying for Medicaid benefits and in proceedings for the appointment of a guardian.

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Planning for Persons with Special Needs

Years ago, people did not provide an inheritance for their disabled children or other relatives for fear that these disabled persons would lose their entitlement to government benefit programs until the inheritance was depleted. Fortunately, times have changed and a disabled person may now be the beneficiary of a supplemental needs trust and still be eligible to receive government benefits to pay for the cost of their medical care in New York. This allows the disabled person to use the inheritance for expenditures that will enhance the quality of his or her life while receiving government benefits to pay for medical care. Similarly, a disabled person may protect his or her own assets by having them placed into a special needs trust.

The lawyers of Haley Weinblatt & Calcagni, LLP can develop a plan to permit disabled persons to spend their assets in a manner that will enhance the quality of their life (e.g., vacations, entertainment and purchase of electronics) while receiving government benefits to pay for medical care.


Estate Planning

It may be unpleasant to think about how your family would deal with your affairs and finances after you pass away, but it is essential to do so. Estate planning allows you to impact the future by directing how you would like your property and assets distributed upon your death. Without proper planning, your estate could go to people who you did not choose and you may lose many tax savings opportunities on Long Island.

The attorneys of Haley Weinblatt & Calcagni, LLP will work with you to create a plan that will assure that your assets are distributed to the people and in the manner that you choose, while minimizing taxes.