Estate Administration

Probate and Estate Administration

When a loved one dies, in addition to questions regarding funeral and burial arrangements, a grieving survivor is often overwhelmed by the paperwork involved in transferring the assets to the survivor or other persons to whom the decedent chose to leave his or her property.

Haley Weinblatt & Calcagni, LLP handles simple and complex administrations and will work to settle an estate expeditiously to help minimize the financial burden of survivors.


Estate and Commercial Litigation

Although most estates are processed by the Surrogate’s Court without opposition and the estate assets are properly distributed according to either the decedent’s will or intestate law, a challenge to the provisions of a will or to the proper accounting of estate assets is a matter which requires effective legal representation.

Of all forms of litigation, will contests, estate asset recovery proceedings and fiduciary accounting proceedings test the knowledge and skill of the lawyer and Haley Weinblatt & Calcagni, LLP is well versed in the substantive law and evidentiary rules associated with this specialized area of practice. The firm has represented at various times the “petitioner” who seeks to admit the will to probate or the “objectant” who claims some entitlement to all or a portion of the estate assets. Due to the professional background of its attorneys who have been featured speakers in continuing legal education programs in this area of practice, Haley Weinblatt & Calcagni, LLP is uniquely situated to deal with the complex issues associated with estate litigation.